An Invitation to Relax
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An Invitation to Relax

An Invitation to Relax ~  Discover how 10 to 20 minutes a day of guided meditation can help you release stress easily and naturally.

“I am a 51-year old OB/Gyn in solo private practice. About 13 years ago, I suffered from burnout and depression. My therapist recommended that I try meditation in lieu of medication. I had tried meditation before, but not being able to quiet my racing mind always seemed to come with negative and chastising thoughts. Then I met Karen Sothers at a conference last fall–I finally understood what meditation was about! I purchased “Sacred Pause” and “Invitation to Relax” and started meditating. It was the first time I could sit and with “loving kindness,” quiet my mind, developing what is now a daily practice of meditation. Karen’s voice is so soothing and gentle, very easy to listen to. She gently and kindly reminds you to come back to center when your thoughts wander. The longer I have been practicing, the longer I can stay present. There are short sessions that can be combined into longer sessions you can build on and I love that. I find that I have been kinder, calmer and more loving–to myself and to others. I have been able to accomplish more in the time that I have because I am more focused. I would highly recommend “Sacred Pause” and “Invitation to Relax” to anyone who wants to experience a more mindful life.”


An Invitation to Relax

1. An Invitation to Relax (4:04)

2. Peace in the Midst: Bring mental focus and inner peace to any situation (10:25)

3. Oasis of Relaxation: Create a deep sense of calm to restore vitality and ease (20:22)

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