An Invitation to Relax
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An Invitation to Relax


An Invitation to Relax:

Discover how 10 to 20 minutes a day of guided mindfulness meditation can help you release stress effectively and naturally.

1. An Invitation to Relax (4:04):  Introduction

2. Peace in the Midst (10:25): Using the image of a mountain and the focus of your breath to experience how to bring mental clarity and inner peace to any situation.

3. Oasis of Relaxation (20:22): As you listen to the rhythmic ocean waves and Karen’s soothing guidance, discover how to create a deep sense of calm to restore vitality and ease.


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What others are saying about their experience of meditating with Invitation to Relax:

Helen from San Diego —

Meditating with Invitation to Relax provides valuable relief to my weary mind, relief that gradually moves inside my body . . . reconnecting me to a feeling of inner peace.  Just what my busy life needs for the calm so essential to optimal health.”

Lisa from Texas —

“When I feel anxious or overwhelmed, I have discovered that just when I think I don’t have time to slow down and meditate that is when I most need to do it.  Just 10 minutes of listening to the track, Peace in the Midst on Invitation to Relax and I am more calm, focused and productive.”

Patrick from New York —

“My go-to meditation practice when I have challenges with falling asleep or going back to sleep is Oasis of Relaxation on Invitation to Relax.  As I listen to the ocean sounds along with Karen’s soothing skilled guidance, I often fall to sleep before the meditation is over!”

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