Sacred Pause
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Sacred Pause


Welcome to Sacred Pause ~ a time of shifting from the relentless busyness of life to a rhythm of nourishing rest and renewal.

Sacred Pause is a valuable resource for deepening or renewing your meditation practice. Both beginners and more experienced meditators will benefit from the five easy-to-follow meditations. Sacred Pause is designed to help you decrease the all-or-none approach to meditation by providing a variety of time options. You can choose from 10 to 20 to 30 to 60 minutes of meditation time for renewing mind, body and soul.

Sacred Pause

1. Present Moment, Only Moment (20:00): A calming, potent meditation verse
2. Still Point Meditation (17:00): Rediscovering the inner sanctuary of peace

Take Ten — Enjoy three 10-minute meditations that can become a progressive practice for 10, 20 or 30 minutes
3. Mindful Breath Awareness (10:00)
4. The “Ahh” Breath (10:00)
5. Loving Kindness Meditation (10:00)

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What others are saying about their experience of meditating with Sacred Pause:

Health Journeys Review of Sacred Pause —

Relaxation expert Karen Sothers merges voice, presence, expertise and charisma on Sacred Pause.  This superb sampler provides organic guidance in the most popular, accessible ways to meditate.”

Andrew, San Diego —

Sacred Pause is the best guided meditation recording that I have ever experienced.  The insights and spacious journey on Sacred Pause continue to deepen with each meditation practice.  Plus, Sacred Pause is one of the most appreciated gifts that I have ever given to anybody.”

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